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Our Story

While our story is a long one, there are two elements that are the most important to understanding the creation of Real Zepeda- where we're from and who we are.

Real Zepeda was founded by a father and a son- Oscar Zepeda Sr. and Oscar Zepeda Jr. Oscar Sr. raised Oscar Jr. and his sister, Michelle, as a single father in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. Oscar Jr. grew up loving nothing more than soccer, and spent time playing professional soccer in Mexico before being offered a scholarship to move to the United States to play college soccer in Massachusetts.



Our process

Why exactly is Real Zepeda so smooth?

What gives it that delicious, slightly smoky taste?

There are 4 steps in our process that make us stand out. 


Social Responsibility

Real Zepeda is committed to helping both the people of Mexico and the Latino communities in New England. This is what we're doing.

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