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5 things that make Real Zepeda truly unique


We age our agaves for a full seven years before they are harvested.

Additionally, our jimadors, or agave harvesters, cut much closer

to the heart of the agave, the piña, than the industry standard.

While both of these steps take much more time and resources,

the result is a much higher-quality tequila.


We use traditional masonry ovens that allow us to have more control

during the cooking process. In addition to ensuring a more even cooking,

this process allows us to pump more water into the agaves while they cook.

This way of cooking not only gives our tequila it's slightly smoky flavor

but helps to make a tequila that is much more friendly to the body.

Friendlier tequila = fewer hangovers.


We remove more harmful alcohols in our distillation process

than the industry standard. These types of alcohols, known as "heads" and "tails,"

take more time and energy to remove, but the result is a much

more pure and drinkable tequila.


The quality of our barrels makes the difference.

We age our tequilas in white oak barrels.


We let our tequila age longer than the norm to ensure the best taste. Our reposado tequila is aged for 6 months or more when norm only requires 2 months

our process

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