While our story is a long one, there are two elements that are the most important to understanding the creation of Real Zepeda- where we're from and who we are.

Real Zepeda was founded by a father and a son- Oscar Zepeda Sr. and Oscar Zepeda Jr. Oscar Sr. raised Oscar Jr. and his sister, Michelle, as a single father in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. Oscar Jr. grew up loving nothing more than soccer, and spent time playing professional soccer in Mexico before being offered a scholarship to move to the United States to play college soccer in Massachusetts.

Oscar Jr. boarded a plane to Boston in the late summer of 2013, nervous to leave his home but eager to take advantage of higher education and a new adventure. Although it was much colder than he was anticipating, New England quickly made Oscar Jr. feel right at home.

After coming to watch his son play soccer, both Zepeda men quickly began viewing New England as their second home, falling in love with the people and the spirit of the region.


In school, Oscar Jr. was studying international business and marketing, and back in Mexico, Oscar Sr. had been working in the exportation industry. The father and son team began talking about how they could create something that was inspired by both New England and Jalisco. Jalisco is known as the home of tequila, and the two recognized that New England was thirsty for a different kind of tequila experience. That is how the idea for Real Zepeda was born.

The Zepeda men did years of market research to determine what exactly New Englanders wanted a tequila to taste like. Real Zepeda's slightly smoky taste and signature smooth finish is no accident. They knew that the people of New England would help them create a tequila that would stand out and be enjoyed anywhere in the world.

After of lots hard work and trial and error, the only thing the Zepeda's had left to do was name their tequila. They decided that the best way to show their pride in their tequila was to name it after what they valued most- family. Real Zepeda officially launched in January of 2019.

Our Story