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About our Tequila

Real Zepeda a small-batch, family-owned tequila company with a mission to create the ultimate unique and authentic tequila experience while representing the Jimadores and Mexican culture.

Family Owned

Real Zepeda is unique thanks to its greatest values: Family, Authenticity, and Social Responsibility.


We are committed to using our platform to give a voice and support to our people in Mexico and the Latinx community in the United States by creating more job opportunities and programs for youth development in our communities.

Real Zepeda is an inventive tequila for discerning palates. We bridge a legacy of
stewardship with elevated craftsmanship, creating a kinship of timeless taste.

Introducing Essentials and Classic by Real Zepeda.

Experience the exceptional craftsmanship of our small-batch, family-owned tequila.

Classic gold bottle
Classic Silver bottle



100% Essentials Silver Bottle PNG.png
Bartender 2022 Silver Medal _edited.png
Bartender 2022 Silver Medal _edited.png

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