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Real Zepeda is a small-batch, family-owned tequila company with a mission of bringing an authentic and unique tequila experience from our home of Jalisco, Mexico, to the rest of the world. 

Our Values 

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Our process. We cut our agaves much closer to the heart of the plant, the piña, ensuring the most pure tequila from the very beginning.

​Our knowledge.  We use the most traditional and proven processing methods, prioritizing quality and drinkability above all else.

​Our distillation. We extend our heads and tails, removing a much larger percentage of harmful alcohols from the body than the industry standard.


Family. What makes our tequila a family experience? Real Zepeda is unique thanks to its greatest value: Family. Without family, we would be nothing. It represents the union and support of all for one and one for all.

Tradition. Our tequila brings together the rich traditions of both of our homes- Jalisco, Mexico, and New England. Our family recipe is made using the most traditional tequila-making methods of Jalisco, and is brought to life by an unbelievably smooth flavor profile inspired by New England.


Mexico. We are committed to creating more opportunities for people in Mexico. We also work closely with organizations bringing more educational and sports opportunities to underprivileged youth in Mexico.


New England. We are committed to using our platform to give a voice and support to the Latino community of Boston, Massachusetts. We are currently focused on providing more opportunities to the young leaders of the Latino community.



What happens when the best of Jalisco and New England come together in a tequila bottle?

Introducing Essentials and Classic  by Real Zepeda.

Experience the exceptional craftsmanship of our small-batch, family-owned tequila.


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Classic Silver

Silvery shades, transparent of great purity coupled with a robust body, perceiving the maturity of the agaves. The aroma of cooked agave predominates, abundant of wild fruits and herbs. The sweet taste of agave nectar, as well as fresh and soft fruit flavors, gives character to a great taste of a well-achieved tequila.

Classic Reposado

Golden nuances with silver shades and strong coppery colors aged 7 months in white French oak barrels, making a blend of flavors where notes of vanilla, chocolate, abundant wood and agave are present. Its main fruity feature, soft and robust body, gives a strong character and a very special flavor.

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Essentials Silver

Distinguished by smoky notes acquired in our masonry ovens, silvery shades, transparent of great purity, and a fine body for a smooth finish. Our Real Zepeda Essentials Silver is perfect for cocktails.


Essentials Gold

Distinguished by smoky notes acquired in our masonry ovens, its double distillation generates a balanced spirit and maintains its mystical flavors. With fine body very pleasant to the palate. Test in the cocktail of your choice.

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