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Real Zepeda Tequila-our Social Responsibility


Real Zepeda believes that exceptional tequila is not exceptional by the quality of the drink alone, but also by the nature of the tequila business as a whole. That’s why we have partnered with nonprofits and funds around us, because the best tequila brands are those that have a positive impact on their local communities. Whether it’s in Jalisco or South Boston, we’ve donated to a variety of programs such as the names listed below, and will continue to do so. Real Zepeda is committed to these partnerships in the belief that everyone deserves to have their voices heard and to be treated as family.

Hispanic Rising Stars

Real Zepeda partnered with Hispanic Rising stars to sign the Hispanic promise. This pledge signifies our dedication to our community and uplifting Hispanic voices both in the workforce and in everyday life. As the first Massachusetts company to sign the pledge we are proud to be ambassadors for the organization within the Bay State.


At Real Zepeda, we take the health and wellness of our people seriously. That’s why we donated two baskets to JDRF, a Type 1 Diabetes research fund, for an auction. Our team was thrilled that we were able to raise funds for the donation, because we wanted to make a positive change in the lives of those fighting T1D around us, and let them know we’ve got their back.

National Urban League

The National Urban League provides a variety of opportunities for the urban community such as education, housing, and employment opportunities. We hope that our donation to the National Urban League makes a difference in the lives of some people within the urban community who need that type of support. 

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Mass F.O.P

Our donation to the Massachusetts Police Fraternity was done in support of the law enforcement that protects us day in and day out. We know how much they sacrifice and we want to acknowledge their importance within the Massachusetts community.

Anais Summer Day

Real Zepeda has donated some of our bottles, as well money, to Anais Summer Day. We are constantly supporting women in business, as role models for the next generation, and as leaders in our community. We want to help Latinx women in our surrounding community to have their voices heard and be able to make an impact around them. 


Axios Acción Mujer


Family means everything to Real Zepeda, and with that comes the drive to inspire the next generation. We have participated in scholarship programs in Mexico in hope of being able to give back to our home. Specifically, those young adults who could use the help of such a positive, transformational program such as Axios Acción Mujer. 

La Colaborativa

The RZ team is proud to have donated food and tequila to La Colaborativa, because we share their vision of having Latinx voices be heard in the community, as well as providing support for those who are facing some of the challenges that the Latinx community faces today. We wanted to do something special for the program to show our gratitude for the important work that they do.


English for New Bostonians


We’ve donated to English for New Bostonians because we are committed to bridging the social, economic, civic, and educational gap between cultures. We want to make sure the immigrants who moved to Boston feel welcome and to know they are supported.

Worcester Art Museum

Our donation to the WAM is an effort to connect people, communities, and cultures through art. Ultimately, we want to strengthen the community within the Greater Boston Area, which we are proud to call home.

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